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What is the Ask Alumni network?

Welcome to the Ask Alumni network. Ask Alumni allows you to contact current students and graduates of City University London for e-mentoring. For example you can contact alumni who are working in your intended industry or for a company for which you would like to work, allowing you to enhance your professional network and gain top tips for professional success.

Our Ask Alumni graduates are volunteers who have agreed to be available to be contacted by both current students and other City Alumni. This ranges from providing general advice by email and over the telephone to work shadowing, dependent on the availability of the volunteer. Please be aware that the main objective of Ask Alumni is to provide advice and information; not jobs.

How it Works

  • Register and create your profile

    To access the Ask Alumni service, you will first need to register. Once you have registered, you can then create your profile and browse our e-mentor database. You can also link your profile with your LinkedIn account to make setting up your profile even quicker.

  • Search and connect

    Once you are logged in, you can browse through the e-mentor database by refining your search related to industry and also the type of guidance each volunteer is willing to offer, such as advice via telephone, work shadowing etc. You can also search using the world map, showing our e-mentors abroad if you happen to be living outside the UK or are thinking of gaining experience in a different country. Then simply message your selected volunteer with your questions and queries.

  • Make the most of your connection

    Once you have established a connection with an e-mentor, you must remember to make the most of them! Identify the key areas of information you require so your volunteer knows exactly how they can help you. Do not ask directly for a job, internship or project and “spamming” e-mentors is not allowed through this service. Be professional and avoid use of abbreviations or txt language.

  • Volunteer

    Do you want to share your career expertise and work experience with a budding young student or fellow alumnus? Volunteering can help individuals to realise their potential and give them a valuable insight in to the world of work. The amount of time and what advice you are willing to volunteer is entirely up to you.

  • Register now to start connecting with others from City University London.

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